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Over the years we have provided our clients with quality service and we take pride in serving them with the quality that has been maintained over the years. We cherish each moment as we excel in the food chain and each day strengthen our hopes that we based Tawa Tandoor on the day we decided to initiate it.

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What our Customers Say

"I strongly urge you to try the Chef's
Special, You'll love it!"
Asad Malik from Karachi,Pakistan
"You better not miss out
on the cheese naan. Good Times!"
Naveed Malik From Lahore, Pakistan

"The Entertainment was
Top Notch!"
Mohammad Ali from Washington Dc, USA
"Excellent food.
Highly Recommended!"
Naem Malik from Lahore,Pakistan

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Special deals

  1. Chicken Biryani


    Salad, Raita, 1 Regular Drink

  2. Mixed Salad Thumbnail

    Chicken Tikka LB Chicken Kabab


    Salad, Raita, 2 Sada Naan, 1 Regular Drink

  3. Mixed Salad Thumbnail

    Daal Makhani Mix Vegetable


    Salad, Raita, 2 Rogni Naan, 1 Regular Drink

  4. BBQ Chicken Wings Thumbnail

    Chicken Shashlik With Rice


    2 Wings, 1 Regular Drink

  5. Chicken Chowmein


    1 Regular Drink

There is no harm
in being a FOODIE until you do it the right way!


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